I am a lucky husband, the father of five children and the chief executive of the Workhouse. I motivate to do this work only one knowledge that a better life is possible. Although it may sometimes seem almost impossible, we dream every one of in our hearts for Freedom.

So did I! Unfortunately, at the age of 25, I was living so complicating my life that I had not seen any more thoughts on it, I thought of suicide I didn't want to live like this anymore. Prison, crime, pordells, parties and fights they became commonality. The last drinking and drug cycle lasted 58 days, I did not dare to get sodied, I had a tremendous fear of life, because I had screwed up so much. I was totally stuck.

Thank God I found a way out, I became a Christian, and I was freed from all the disturbing addicts of life. By now I have been tasting this freedom for over 21 years. I also know that this freedom is not just me, I love helping those who wresten with the same things. Now I know there's a way out of addiction. I am happy to be able to do the job I like, I see every day people who are willing to make an effort to Parama for life. A workhouse is the best place to turn your life into another page and start writing a new chapter. Here we do not look at it how much you have done evil, but we want to see it as good as what you still have to do. 

Better life is possible!