I am 35 years old, my life I have had to spend 4 years between prison walls. I have not had a normal childhood, at the age of 5 I did my first cigarette, and I tried alcohol. I was 6  when I ran away from home, wandering around with the other street children, we , broke, stole and vandals. As time passed it worse it went and then there were more narcotics and other stunning substances. The constant violations of the psychics and the psychiatric clinic led me to have been doing suicide attempts on a couple of occasions.
I've tried different things to get rid of my addiction until one day I found a workhouse.
When I came here, I didn't know what was going on in front of me, but one was clear, I got so sick of my life, I want something to do with my addiction. When I arrived at the workshouse, my rules of procedure and the program here were made, which is interesting, that all deliverence from addiction goes through work. Since I have partial performance, then here we make jokes that my graph is 1 day at work and 2 free. Here I can do just about the works that are suitable for me, which are leaf plucking and touch-flushing, doing exactly what I can, and then another day I rest again, I'm glad I got here. There are nice people in the workshouse, and I like most of all that here are all equal, friendly and helping each other, because everyone's contribution depends, we are the TM community. Here's 0 tolerance for alcohol, tobacco and drugs.The  program lasts here for 12 months.