"Extended cooperation network and rehabilitation service model of MTÜ Töömaja"

Grant amount EUR 24 999.99

Project period 1 December 2022 – 31 July 2024

Based on the operational and financial analysis of MTÜ Töömaja, it is necessary to deal with
With the expansion of the rehabilitation service and as can be seen from the feedback and impact analysis, it is necessary to improve
service model. Individual and group counselling must be added to current activities so that people are
better prepared for coping and preventing relapse in addictive behaviors.
To do this, you need to hire a project manager and a development expert who is competent in the field for 13 months. Their task is to have one
during the year, expand the association's cooperation network beyond the borders of Rapla County and conclude at least four new ones
cooperation agreement with local governments. This ensures that a larger number of customers reach the service and is accompanied by
the financial means to hire additional staff and the provision of the service would be economically sustainable.
During the project period, data is collected from service graduates with follow-up questionnaires to measure the impact of the service and
a drawing of the service model is prepared with an explanatory note, which is used when introducing the service to partners
and on the association's website.

The workhouse project "Furnishing the rooms of the Järvakandi Guest and Community House" has been funded by the Local Initiative Program (KOP) in the autumn round of 2022.

Partial grant 2917.80

Project no RE.2.03.22-3417 , activity period 03.10.2022 – 03.10.2023

MTÜ Töömaja is developing stage 1 of the guest and community building in Järvakandi - accommodation, as a result of which high-quality rental premises for 10 people, located close to jobs, are available on the open market. The service allows at-risk groups to enter the labour market, is an alternative to social housing and supports access to work in the region. As a result of the project, the accommodation rooms of the guest house are furnished with furniture and other necessities in accordance with the requirements of the accommodation establishment and are ready to apply for a partial use permit from Kehtna municipality.


Workshop bakery in Järvakandi community house, Leader grant 30,000 and Kehtna municipality 2500€

Activity period- 01.05.2022-30.04.2024

The priority problem is the relapse of the clients of the Rehabilitation Service of the Working House to their addictive behaviour, which in turn has a negative impact on their employment and general subsistence.
As a solution, we offer a bakery in a community house, where work and communication skills are trained by practicing everyday work in the bakery, a new identity and a mutually supportive community are created in order to move more smoothly to the open labour market. We are a bridge between separated rehabilitation and a new, independent life.
We can fulfill our mission through commercial activities by offering bakery products as retail in a community house café.
In order for a catering establishment to be established in the building of the association, the following activities are necessary:
Design – the main project of järvakandi guest and community house and its special parts (special projects for electricity, water and sewerage and ventilation). Based on the main project, we can take accurate price offers from construction companies and choose the most affordable solution.
Building permit from the municipality for the reconstruction of the bakery kitchen and repair of the staff's living rooms.
Construction of the bakery's kitchen and staff room.
Owner supervision- supervision of construction works in order to achieve the best quality and correct documentation.
Increase of main fuse – three-phase electrical capacity corresponding to bakery equipment (add 40A)
Purchase, installation and setup of bakery equipment in the kitchen of järvakandi community house bakery.
Partial authorisation for use
Opening a bakery

Comprehensive activity and financial plan of NGO Workhouse 4000 €

Project period 01.04.-30.07.2022

Due to the addition of several activities in the form of a community house in Järvakandi, the association needs the support of strategic management, preparation of an action plan and financial management. At the moment, the association has a separate rehabilitation activity with its cooperation partners and financial scheme, a business plan has been drawn up for the accommodation service and there is also partial funding from Leader, work is underway on the design of the bakery and café and community space, and there is a draft business plan for the bakery. In addition, it is necessary to pay more attention to the Järvakandi community and their involvement.
We have reached a point where launching so many new initiatives requires taking time off and creating a complete picture. The association has the least experience in bakery and café. With the help of support, the association hires an expert who, on the one hand, helps to create the whole picture, but on the other hand knows and knows the field of catering.

Cost of activities – winters and open day coffee breaks, small equipment, travel expenses 500.-
Development expert cost 3000.-
General and development costs of the workhouse 500.-

Partial support of MTÜ TÖÖMAJA "Järvakandi Guest and Community House Development" 12 323 € and Kehtna parish 3000 €

Direct objective of the project: The accommodation service premises of stage 1 of the järvakandi guest and community house development are ready. Tallinn mnt 17, the second floor of Järvakandi (former Järvakandi rural municipality house) has been adapted for accommodation. People have available rental premises to enter vacancies in Järvakandi and the immediate area.
The economic activity of the workhouse is more diverse. This no longer depends solely on the provision of rehabilitation services, but the investment in accommodation allows to mitigate the risks of the sustainability of the company. Residence in the guest and community house is a good prerequisite for rehabilitation graduates to blend into the community. The fact that former problem people live in a supported, modern environment and are involved in the community adds a sense of security to the residents of Järvakandi. The first phase will be completed in 2022.


IN THE ROUND OF THE 2020 NGO DEVELOPMENT JUMP, KÜSK supported the development of the Workhouse project for the development of the service and for wider information to people with addiction problems in Rapla County.

Project activities:

Wider and better provision of the service to the target group – 9-seat minibus

Better notification about the service

Hiring a service manager 0.3 per 1 year


Helping is a good deed, you can decide today that I will help.
Thank you for your support!
The euro or object you gave will help those who are grappling with a severe addiction.
Thank you from the heart to every supporter and partner!


Financial support

It is you who can bring change to someone's life, in the form of a one-off grant or a regular standing order. 

 MTÜ Töömaja

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There can be many ways to support

There are different areas where you can bet to improve the workhouse service and life organisation.

1. Men in rehabilitation need:

  • 1-Place beds

  • new bed linen

  • New Pillows and blankets

  • hygeny

  • Food

  • freezers AAA( energy efficient)

  • decent clothes, shoes and accessories

  • kitchen mem and equipment (old kitchen needs renovation)

  • household and cleaning products

  • laptops, TV

  • shower room and sauna need renovation

2. You can donate to men's work opportunities

  • used solid wood furniture for renovation

  • Furniture Color 

  • 3m Firewood

3. The camp and leisure house needs an upgrade.
Our men can do construction work, but it takes:

  • interior and exterior colours of wooden houses

  • building material

  • Toilet and shower room to be built (material)

If you're reading this long list and thinking I could help shorten it, then be good, be sure to contact us.

phone: 55661624 Villy Network



Together we make life  better!