My name is Jaanus and I am a 50-year-old alcoholic. My first bottle of Old Tallinn I drank  at the age of 14 at the school excursion. I started smoking at the Russian army at the age of 18. I have tried to put the brakes in many ways. I've been having a ampoule, I've been to various rehabilitation programs, but no positive result I've been able to achieve. Sooner or later I've started drinking again. Because there in Workhouse is a zero-tolerance to Alcohol, cigarettes and other substances and healing in this Workhouse only through fbrotherhood and work. I believe I can pervade the program nicely and not fall back into a bottle of bondage. Because I have the missing ability to work, I do exactly as much work as I can. My main tasks are, for example, house maintenance, cooking, transporting boiler trees, etc. While in the workshouse, it is my pleasure that we are all equal here, and we will contribute all to our own abilities, we are one team.